Additional SIBO Resources

SIBO Information by Allison Siebecker, ND, MSOM, LAc

SIBO Information by Melanie Keller, ND

SIBO Information from Norm Robillard, PhD

The NUNM SIBO Center

SIBO App for iOS phones

SIBO Discussion and Support Group on Facebook

SIBO Action Network – a U.S. organization for advocacy, research, and support

Alcohol and SIBO; see also Wine and SIBO

All About FODMAPs ( Wikipedia page )

Some Awesome SIBO Bloggers

SIBO Slayer – Chelsea in the Bay Area

SIBO Diaries – Amy Hollenkamp in Cincinnati

Additional SIBO Recipes

The majority of the following recipe websites and cookbooks include ingredients from the moderate and high FODMAP columns, which we are currently trying to avoid. However everyone is a “different sack of chemicals…” these recipes may work perfectly well for your digestive system, and/or once your gut has healed.

SIBO Diet Recipes by Samantha B. Johnson, ND

SIBO Recipes by Kristy Regan, MScN

SIBO Recipes by Riley Wimminger, Bridgetown Nutrition

SIBO Recipes by Ellerie Jean, Medical Student

SIBO Recipes – a Facebook page that shares recipes and referrals to other SIBO recipe websites

Rebecca Coomes‘ cookbooks: “SIBO Summer Cookbook,” and “SIBO Family Favorites,” pictured above

SIBO Center recipes: not all of these follow Dr. Siebecker’s ingredient recommendations, but every body is different and they might be perfect for yours!